The food sector deals with big challenges: there are high demands on products and their associated information. Your customers expect short lead times. Your assortment grows, the diversity in presentation forms increases.

You cannot and will not allow errors, the tempo is higher. You want to keep your stock as minimal as possible, both of your finished product and your raw materials and ancillary materials, but without a lack of anything.

Do you wish to have up-to-date and reliable insight into your stocks: raw materials, semi-finished products and end products - any time of day? Be in the know about receipt, good in and out, order picking and distribution?  FOBIS® WMS is the right option. It allows you to save on your stock costs and never be out of stock!

FOBIS® WMS is a system for stock management and order picking:


  • Insight into stock: at any time of day, an up-to-date picture of your raw materials and ancillary materials stock and the products made ready for your customers, complete with THT and pallet information. It prevents loss due to the expiry of the THT. It also enables optimised stock levels.
  • Order picking system based on the FEFO principle and guaranteed THT checks. Always the right product to the right customer
  • Integrated quality registrations
  • Safeguarded tracking and tracing
  • Concise reporting on what is stored where
  • Labelling that is freely customisable, but also supports the SSCC coding
  • Various simple applications for scanning

We know from experience that optimisation is your constant motivation. That’s why FOBIS® WMS also offers management information on - for example - the stock turnover rate, the effectiveness of picking and shipping, and on the possibilities for optimising walking routes. Management information on delivery quality from your suppliers is also decisive for the efficiency of your production process, for example.

We would be pleased to invite you to our demo room to show you what FOBIS® WMS can do. Take a step forward and enhance your competitive position.

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