As well as standard processes such as purchasing and selling, and stock management, modules for recipe management, F-trace and EDI are also included in FOBIS® ERP. Do you have several branches? There is a special multi-site environment for this. We design your automation in accordance with your wishes, so that it aligns seamlessly with your processes.

FOBIS® ERP components

What does FOBIS® offer to support the administrative processes?

Some examples:

  • Order functions: such as daily and weekly orders, orders for specific customer groups; retail and/or industry
  • A forecasting module that can be used to predict future sales based on historical sales
  • Freely accessible database structures thanks to connections
  • Assessment of supplier performance based on quantitative and qualitative characteristics
  • Recipe management with ingredients, nutritional values and allergens declarations and calculations
  • Portion and cutting calculations
  • Various invoicing methods with very flexible pricing structures, promotions, graduated pricing, discounts and sales costs
  • Cost price monitoring based on pre-calculation or subsequent calculation
  • Stock management and stock administration (including cold-store processing)
  • Packaging processes with deposit arrangements and various invoicing and accountability methods
  • Availability planning to harmonise production and stock at high aggregation level
  • Complaints/claim processing based on invoicing history, or integration of actual orders with invoicing and management information
  • Powerful, flexible configuration of interfaces with financial systems
  • Extensive management information on customer/item relations
  • Competent processing for both sales and purchasing with EDI message traffic
  • EDI facilities: Send DESADV messages and process RECADV, send EDI orders to suppliers
  • Suitable for VMI

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