FOBIS® Cutting hall

FOBIS® Cutting hall provides a detailed insight into your cutting and boning efficiency. This solution automates your cutting hall, with screen displays on the line so your employees can see immediately how the part should be cut. The office determines beforehand how the different qualities can best be cut and boned. This is done on the basis of open sales orders and available stock. FOBIS® determines the most optimised cutting plan.

Once the planning is completed, the line can be started (if needed with the help of FOBIS® Sorting). The boned parts are fed through the processing line, prepared while suspended, boned at pacebone lines first and then trimmed, optionally portioned and then vacuumed and packaged. At the start of the procedure, the boned parts are given the I&R label from the slaughter line and the processing line, at the end of the procedure each vacuum packaging with main product has an I&R label, each box has a unique box label, and the system knows which I&R numbers are packaged in which box. So, there is conclusive tracing for each box without a lot of extra work!

Apart from the fact you achieve the most optimised portioning of your qualities, you can also count on conclusive tracing. So, the system knows exactly which I&R number ended up in which boxes!

Procedure summary:
At the start of the line, the part is scanned and weighed. The part is then placed on the conveyor in a marked position. The system accurately monitors which part is on which part of the conveyor (including I&R). All technical parts remain within the marked position on the conveyor during the various actions along the line. At the end of the line, the various technical parts from one I&R are weighed individually and labelled. The label is attached to the naked product. During registration, the system indicates which container the labelled product should be placed in. Throughout the entire process, IP69 touchscreens terminals on the conveyor display the desired cut to the user by way of photos.

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