FOBIS® Slaughter

The volume of information on animals to be slaughtered is becoming ever more sizeable. Data are not just recorded by inspection authorities but also by your employees; to inform suppliers, but also to add optimum value to the slaughtered animals. This requires a sophisticated automation programme.

As a consultancy and automation agency, RBK has more than 40 years of experience in automating slaughters. Our comprehensive slaughter programme enables recording of all characteristics and data of the slaughter process. The software is suitable for slaughter processes involving pigs, sows, horses, sheep, calves and cattle.

How does it work?

The industrial touchscreen terminals have a flexible screen layout. Each station (notification of death, inspection, weighing) can be configured to display the desired information. You can record and display the slaughter findings in various places in the slaughter hall, for instance the trimming platform. You can follow the current status via a graphic display, so that you are always up to date immediately on progress and quality of the slaughters. A sophisticated planning system sends the carcasses to the correct tracks in the chillers for further processing. Main points of the slaughter registration system

  • The supply documents are recorded in the administration every day
  • The supply information for each animal are made available to FOBIS® via an interface
  • The information per animal is stored in a central FOBIS® database in the so-called carcass administration; This is where all recorded information per animal can be found
  • Before skinning, the earmark is removed and scanned by the employee on the slaughter line. The information relating to this earmark ar displayed on the screen by FOBIS®. If the earmark is not scannable, it can be entered into FOBIS® manually
  • After scanning, FOBIS® creates a number of labels to identify the carcass. The number of labels can be configured by the user
  • There is an option to have the carcass inspected by a CBS employee. These inspection details can also be recorded directly into FOBIS® by the CBS employee, or RBK can make a link to the CBS system and then records these inspection details in the carcass administration
  • The carcass is weighed immediately after the inspection. The weight is automatically recorded in the carcass administration, corresponding with the correct carcass. At this workstation, the identification labels are also printed, displaying the I&R number and the weight
  • At the end of the slaughter day, the carcass details are made available to administration for invoicing via an interface file
  • If required, RFID chips can be used in the slaughter hooks for digital management of the information

Interested? Ask for a FOBIS® Slaughter programme presentation! Together with you, we assess how this system can achieve a better and more reliable provision of information for your slaughter process, and as such reduce the cost price of the end product.

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