Specifically created for the food industry. The module offers solutions for sector-specific challenges, such as:

  • Working with short planning cycles (being aware today what needs to be produced tomorrow)
  • Processing of raw materials with variable quality into a stable end product;
  • Complete overview of stock including THT monitoring of FiFo and FeFo
  • Safeguarding of your CPs along the entire production process
  • Efficiency calculation based on actual usage

A conclusive batch administration takes place on the basis of simple registration on the product floor. RBK has a fitting solution for every situation:

  • Fixed installation (such as IP69 stainless steel touchscreens)
  • Mobile solutions (such as mobile units including weighing equipment and printer, hand scanners or forklift terminals)


For optimised management of your production company, you need insight into:

  • Delivery reliability
  • Stock levels
  • Cost price/costs
  • Product quality
  • Process quality/efficiency
  • Utilisation/speed/losses (OEE)
  • Goods flow management/tracing

Management and production supervisors require different information. FOBIS® MES provides insight inot all relevant aspects, at all required levels. The registered information is available at every desired level in easily configurable reports and dashboards.

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