Our mission: Improving the competitive position of our clients

For over 35 years, RBK has been a household name in the food industry market. We offer return increasing solutions regarding environment, business development, logistical facilities, process engineering, automation and process control for the food industry. This makes RBK one of the most complete, innovative and leading organizations in terms of return increasing solutions within the food industry.

We are fully aware of the circumstances within your market and recognize that competition is fierce, prices are constantly under pressure, innovation is a distinguishing factor, legislation and regulations are ever-increasing and the one question that recurs on a daily basis is: How can I be sure to make a difference?

RBK wants to be the ‘it’ partner for entrepreneurs and experts within the food sector. Our slogan is: improving the competitive position of our clients. With this purpose in mind, RBK designs, builds and automates companies in the food industry.

Our experienced, enthusiastic RBK staff – who know the sector inside and out – collaborate with our clients towards project-based innovative optimisations in order to prepare these companies for the future. In doing so, the company is organized as efficiently as possible, enabling it to produce at the lowest possible cost. During this process we take the various aspects of business operations into account: logistics, automation and organization and their mutual influence.

I was still at home and logged into the FOPRO® operating system. From my home I deactivated the detection button and ten minutes later the engine room could start up again. The new RBK control system provided instant information on the problem, which enabled us to respond much quicker than we would have been able to do in the past. Production has not suffered from it at all. Our previous control system could not have achieved that. Honestly, I was quite scared, but it was all prepared well. Production was not troubled by it at all and the installation is now more stable. On hot days we used to have problems with high temperatures and high pressure, but now that has now improved considerably.
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Marinus Nijland, Enkco Foodgroup
We have opted for RBK Group, because we clicked immediately with the RBK staff and colleague companies were enthusiastic about the RBK software package FOBIS®. The RBK consultants are familiar with our operational processes and know exactly what they are talking about. Problems are always solved quickly. The RBK software package has a modular structure. This package enables us to have both essential operational information and tracking and tracing data available quickly. The optimal management of our production planning and sales processes allows us to fully meet the strict quality requirements of our customers.Read more »
In order to work well with matters such as EDI, DESADV and SSCC labels, investing in FOBIS® was essential. The RBK finger scanners allow our order pickers to work quickly and efficiently.
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Jos Groothedde, Groothedde
During the new development of the production site of Van Loon Vlees in Best (the Netherlands), it was consciously decided to have the refrigerating installation designed by an engineering agency with extensive experience and expertise. Cost control, the use of sustainable techniques and energy saving aspects were key in this respect. The FOPRO® total management system offers the possibility to monitor the functioning of the installation from every work station. Registration and reporting possibilities ensure we exceeded process values are detected in time for us to take action.
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Ronald van Loon, Van Loon Vlees
After the first meeting with RBK Group, we immediately had the feeling we had a match. Not just because of the positive references RBK showed us, but mainly because of the fact that it mutually felt good. At RBK we are not just another customer in a long line, but we always have one point of contact in the person of John Hoek.
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Paul Meeuwissen regards RBK Group from Deventer as a strategic Vitelco partner. “From the very start of our collaboration, 20 years ago, RBK Group has proven itself to be a professional automation specialist and logistic sparring partner through extensive knowledge and expertise, flexibility and software customization. In 2013, Vitelco switched from RBK customized software to FOBIS®, the logistic management system of the RBK Group. We operate in a market in which the margins are constantly under pressure and any improvement conceivable in the entire production process is highly welcome. By adopting an even more efficient working method, the cost price can be reduced even further. Thanks to FOBIS® we can now anticipate current market changes and customer demands quickly.”
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Paul Meeuwissen, Vitelco