RBK Food Projects

1. Are you planning new construction or refurbishment?
2. Would you like to lower your energy costs?
3. Are you keen to optimise your production environment?
4. What impact does refrigeration have on my product quality?
5. Are you aiming for sustainable productivity?

RBK Food Automatisering

1. Are you looking for an affordable, modern and user-friendly solution?
2. Are you aiming for infallible tracking and tracing?
3. Do you want immediately engagement with efficiency and quality?
4. Looking for a competitive edge?
5. Would you like constant access and insight into your production planning?

RBK Group has been a household name in the food industry for more than 40 years

Who is RBK?

RBK Group is the perfect partner for construction and refurbishment, environmental issues and automation in the food industry. Our objective is to provide companies in the food industry with the best solutions for achieving enhanced efficiency and increased controllability. The solutions we offer have been divided into two business units: Food Projects and Food Automation.

We have more than 40 years’ expertise in the food industry and know your market like no other. We understand that competition is fierce and we are aware of constant price pressure. We are up to date with the changing laws and regulations and we know that innovation makes all the difference.

Offering solutions to the customer question: ‘How do I ensure I make the difference?’ is what we are all about. With more than 60 experienced, driven co-workers who speak the sector’s language, RBK and its customers use project-based methods to implement innovative optimisations. It’s how we future-proof food companies.

Food Projects was established to help you with your new construction and refurbishment or renovation plans. We have realised various projects here and abroad for our customers, and have always achieved the all-important distinguishing factor. In costs and in the solution!

Food Automation has equipped more than 100 companies with our innovative software and hardware solutions. With the constant objective of lowering costs and enhancing insight!