FOPRO® Realtime monitoring

Direct insight into and impact on your efficiency?

Up to date insight
In order to obtain insight into the status of efficiency-determining and efficiency-controlling processes, you need a clear picture of which processes this applies to within the organisation. Then, you need to know how to manage these processes and what output they generate.

Do you have exact information on the progress of the production orders, the efficiency from your raw materials and whether this complies with the standards you have set? Do you know where unnecessary wastage and bottlenecks occur in your production process? Do you know the supply reliability?

If you are looking to enhance your efficiency, it is essential you know the answers to these questions!

To be even more ‘in control’ of your production and efficiency, we have created a vendor-independent modular dashboard.

This clearly displays goods flow registration, line management and process data along the entire chain. Because the Dashboard provides you with the up to date status, it enables you to make adjustments where needed immediately. Your organisation is key: we configure the Dashboard to your organisation’s needs and in accordance with your KPIs. The Dashboard adapts to your processes and standards so that the continuity of your production is completely safeguarded.

Thanks to the information generated by the Dashboard, there are no more unnecessary write-offs, and no need for unnecessary investments.

Our method for setting up the Dashboard

Step 1: Define KPIs

Finetuning of the KPIs and their composition in collaboration with you.

Step 2: Quickscan

Carrying out a quickscan to determine where the correct data can be extracted.

Step 3: Pilot

Testing whether the predefined KPIs and their composition comply with practical situations. Objective: to ensure a watertight and honest representation of the efficiency of your production environment. Consultation with you about whether the correct data is displayed.

Step 4: Dashboard in production

Implementation of the Dashboard in your production environment.

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