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FOPRO® Process control

FOPRO® (Food Processing) was developed for the control of fully automated production lines and for the management of processes such as drying, freezing, thawing, blanching, pasteurising, boiling and baking.

FOPRO® helps to provide you with the possibility to manage your production equipment from a central point. This could include boil kettle, smokers, finishers and cutters. Time savings can be achieved and errors can be prevented if you have your lines configured from a central programme, especially in complex lines whereby operators often have to change settings for each product.

FOPRO®, in combination with FOBIS®, ensures that the machines are automatically provided with the correct process parameters. It means your line will always operate on the correct values.

In a link between FOPRO® and FOBIS® there is also a loop-back of the operation of the machines and lines to the operator. These are displayed on the industrial terminal in the registration and visualisation screen. The following information can be displayed/measured, for example:

  • E-weighing equipment link – for measuring benchmark weight and direct adjustment thereof
  • Finishers – for measuring the tempo
  • Package settings – for measuring actual production speed
  • Boil kettles – for determining the core temperature during production assignment
  • Autoclaving – for determining time, temperature and pressure for releasing the product

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