FOPRO® Refrigeration management

One of the systems used for the control management of refrigeration installation is the FOPRO® balance control.


  • Advanced algorithm that balances the refrigeration demand and supply
  • Reduces or eliminates partial load operation of the compressors, which results in an increase of efficiency and reduction of wear and tear
  • Heat production can be increased during peak heat demand. Therefore, heat recovery can be better utilised for critical applications

Up to 35% energy savings, how much will you recoup?

FOPRO® also contains tools for further optimisation of the refrigeration installation:

  • Immediate alerts and alert history guarantee continuity
  • Visualisation screens with video recording functionality for reviewing any situation. Each defect is identified quickly
  • Programmable thermostat function: Refrigeration only when necessary (FOPRO® Matrix)
  • Web-based visualisation of the technical installation. Insight anytime and anywhere into the installation’s functioning, also available on your smartphone
  • Web-based control over the technical installation. The RBK experts can optimise the settings and configuration of your installation

A well-configured installation results in high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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