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Produktion erweitern?

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Nachhaltiger im aktuellen Gebäude produzieren?

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Efficient production through a clever use of automation

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Zum niedrigsten möglichen Preis produzieren?

Wir fokussieren Ihr Geschäft auf die effizienteste Art und Weise.

Reduce the costs of internal transport?

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Sparen Sie bis zu 35% Energie!

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Building a new factory?

We help you produce at the lowest cost price possible



Production at competitive cost? It requires properly organised business premises where physical processes and operational management processes align seamlessly.

The logistical masterplan is the foundation of the architectural design. The building enables the process, not vice versa.

We provide project-based advice, and design and execute new construction and refurbishment of business premises in the food industry. The buildings designed by our architects are representative and innovative and excel in functionality.

A project team of subject specialists thoroughly examines your architectural, refrigeration-related, mechanical and electrotechnical issues. From this process grows a building that forms an organic synergy with the infrastructure. The focus is on the flexibility and efficiency of your production process without losing sight of the influence on your costs.

Our automation solutions for aftercare and monitoring allow you to safeguard the functioning of the building, installations and production by way of a clear and accessible monitoring system.

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