Environmental consultancy

RBK as advocate and representative
Environmental consultancy has been a core RBK business activity for 25 years. Although we reserve a special fondness for technical consultancy, such as designing or optimising treatments plants, measuring and analysing wastewater flows, or measuring and moulding sounds and smells, we are also a professional party for regulations, including permits/licences and enforcement.
As both our technical knowledge and legal knowhow of environmental issues within the food industry have solid underpinnings, we are the perfect partner for this sector. Because we know how the government works, we are able to make accurate estimations of which environmental provisions are required or not. We also look at the long term; not a single business benefits from success (low costs) in the short term, if it causes a fraught relationship with neighbours in the long term.
As with all RBK services, we also place cost effectiveness high on the agenda for environmental matters.

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