Masterplanning & Logistics

Where do you want your company to be in five years and in ten years? What are your objectives? What do you want to achieve, which changes should be implemented? Shaping specific plans requires a masterplan.
A masterplan is like a roadmap charting the concrete steps you have to take - in phases - to achieve your objectives. This plan forms the solid base for important choices that will cross your path in the short term and the long term.

Our approach
Masterplanning is a skill in its own right. Various disciplines are involved, such as logistical knowledge, production knowledge, knowledge of legislation, etc... It requires people with expertise, and we have those. They are a well-oiled machine thanks to years of experience and deliver the best results.

We create the masterplan together: a joint effort from you and our experienced co-workers. Your wishes and requirements for the future are key. We test these wishes and requirements for viability, we calculate the investments necessary to achieve your goals and investigate the possible yield and efficiency.

What can you expect?
Writing and drawing a masterplan starts with pinpointing the principles and sketching your current situation. This is the ‘baseline measurement’.

We draft a process analysis and a data analysis of your production and create a flow diagram accordingly. We run through several future scenarios and determine the cohesion between factors such as products groups, raw materials, equipment capacity, product carriers and storage capacity. We use the calculations to pose an ‘ideal plan’ that visualises how your ideal production location could look, including improvement options for processes and technologies, and the formulation of the framework conditions.

This ideal plan forms the basis for your new construction plans. In case of refurbishment or expansion, we use this ideal situation to give you some options for extension plans at the existing location. You select the most optimising solution on the basis of pros and cons and the cost estimation. We use your chosen solution to make a cost estimation and calculate the effects on exploitation. As well as taking into account the production process and product routing, we also consider (optimisation of) secondary flows in the final masterplan.

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