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Welcome to the website for the RBK Group, the consultancy for food companies. With our objective of improving the competitive position of our clients, the RBK Group designs and builds companies and automates production and operating processes. In order to achieve this, the RBK Group has a range of competitive food chain concepts. More information >>>

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History of the RBK Group

The food market has become increasingly more complex, with chains merging ever more frequently. The entrepreneur has a greater need for one discussion partner with a wide spectrum. These changes are the reason for the establishment of the new RBK Group, with its new character. The new RBK Group with competitive food chain concepts. More information >>>

The RBK Group: Experience gained through the years

The RBK Group has been active in the food sector since its foundation in 1979.
Its mission from the start was to view all projects from all angles. That is how the Group can reach optimal results in product quality, efficiency and the use of energy. More information >>>


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RBK is één van de weinige Nederlandse automatiseringsspecialisten, die zich specifiek richt op de food branche
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— Zwanenberg Food Group, Laurens Maathuis


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