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Refrigeration technology

Cooling and freezing your products is a demanding process. It is the art of maintaining quality using an advanced technical process. Our refrigeration specialists possess the right knowledge and experience. They know the exact temperature and humidity your product needs and what this demands from the storage space and control technology.

We can help you with:

  • Colling load calculations
  • Refrigerant and system choices
  • Refrigeration specifications/application specifications for both new construction and maintenance
  • Checking of refrigeration quotations and support with tendering
  • Checks and support during execution and commissioning
  • Checks on the functioning of the refrigeration installation (this can be done remotely in case of RBK management)
  • Refrigeration installation optimisation
  • Investigation and consultancy related to heat recovery and incorporating a heat pump
  • Feasibility studies and exploitation cost calculations
  • Support for discussions with suppliers on the performance/capacity of a refrigeration installation.
  • Support for subsidy applications for the refrigeration installation

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