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Mechanical engineering

RBK Group provides process engineering and develops mechanical installations for the food industry, in completely integrated systems or independent/separate installations. We are specialised the design of building-specific installations and we focus on the requirements from the process, but we also prioritise other requirements stipulated by the building and its occupants on comfort and air quality, for example.

In addition, the RBK uses an integrated approach to your installation issue and is therefore able to pay extra attention to the most efficient management of retaining and saving energy, for example via reuse of residual heat from the refrigeration installation.

Our driven specialists advise you on the best installation solutions for your building and your work environment. Together with you, we determine which installations and facilities are applicable to you.

We can help you with:

  • Drafting energy and water balances
  • Creating a multidisciplinary, integrated design together with the other RBK disciplines
  • System dimensioning, system choices and system design
  • Energy savings and energy reuse
  • Investment and cost estimates
  • Specifications for process-related and building-specific installations
  • Checks and comparison of quotations and support with tendering
  • Checks and support during execution and commissioning
  • Checks on the functioning of the installation (this can be done remotely in case of RBK arrangement)

Our driven specialists advise you on the best solution. We are particularly specialised in designing building-specific installations for the food industry. Depending on the requirements stipulated by the building and its occupants on comfort and air quality. Together with you, we determine which products and services are applicable to you.

We work from the specifications, but we can also be part of the construction team, in which case we structure the entire process together.

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