On schedule as a rule instead of exception?

RBK provides insight into your bottlenecks and proposes solutions

Expanding production?

We lighten your load

More sustainable production in your current premises?

We have the solution

Efficient production through a clever use of automation

Our staff have extensive expertise

Producing at the lowest cost possible?

We organize your company in the most efficient way

Reduce the costs of internal transport?

RBK will find a suitable logistic solution

Save up to 35% in energy!

We have proof it can be done

Building a new factory?

We help you produce at the lowest cost price possible


Engineering and architecture

RBK employs experienced architects and construction engineers with up-to-date knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations, and extra expertise related to conditioned production and storage of foods. This knowledge and experience means we can offer you a wide-ranging service package. You require only one partner for your solutions.

We can help you with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project definition (Programme of Requirements)
  • Budget estimation
  • Construction consultancy
  • Fire safety consultancy
  • Draft design and architecture
  • Preliminary design and final design
  • Environmental permits
  • Specifications and technical descriptions
  • Quotation comparison and tender process
  • Project management and construction support
  • Completion and commissioning

You will have one permanent contact partner at RBK, who will liaise with, for example, the contractor, the suppliers and competent authorities. We ensure that permits are arranged on time, that your budget is adhered to, and that the project is executed in line with your specifications.

Thanks to our versatility, we can act as your right-hand man for finetuning and supporting your projects; from preliminary design all the way to completion.

The BIM methodology offers various disciplines the ability to work within one 3D construction model. Different specialised sectors within and outside of RBK can add information to the construction model. Our expertise combined with the possibilities offered by Revit results in an integrated and specific building design.


BREEAM is a method that uses various criteria to determine the performance level of a building: energy efficiency, origin of materials, construction methods and building usage.

RBK has extensive experience with projects based on the BREEAM-NL method, including the highest ‘outstanding’ level. As our in-house disciplines reach further than just construction, we can offer clients comprehensive support to achieve BREEAM certification.

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