Service & Maintenance

RBK has years of experience in the food industry and knows how important good service is in this sector. We are proud of the many long-term relationships we have formed with our customers. We maintain the same ethos for all our customers: do you require support with your critical production processes? Our specialists are available for you day and night! Our service team is also available day and night!

Planned and particularly unplanned production stops cost a fortune. The consequences are significant, from dissatisfied customers and employees, unusable raw materials to loss of revenue and damage to reputation. RBK knows this and therefore places great importance on Service & Maintenance.

Our service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help resolve your calamities and respond to your issues.

The internal lines of communication are short and purposeful, so that the right people are quickly aware of your situation and can take action immediately to successfully resolve your question.

Web portal
All customers have their own unique Web portal. It contains instruction manuals, extensive information on the infrastructure and executed management, FOBIS® releases and ongoing/closed notifications. We can monitor all your network components in the RBK Control Center, 24/7.

Types of service
RBK offers various types of service. Depending on the risk (chance x impact), we jointly determine the content and level of the desired service. We provide advice based on our many years of experience.

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