Food automation

Automation plays a critical role throughout the entire food chain. Without reliable automation, a food company will not comply with - for example - the strict requirements surrounding food safety and traceability. Furthermore, automation plays a decisive role in both the quality and the intended efficiency: from purchasing and office environment, the personnel and the production, to shipping: automation must be user-friendly, so that employees can easily work with it and you are given insight into your processes and revenues. It means you can control and make adjustments, and take well-founded decisions.

FOBIS® made by specialists for specialists
RBK has been active in automation for food, beverage and tobacco sectors for more than 40 years. The applications in FOBIS® are therefore close to daily practice. Thanks to the module structure, it is easy to get started quickly and grow - step by step - towards complete control of your processes. Ask for a no-obligation demonstration soon. We would be pleased to visit you!

Everything under control with FOBIS®
FOBIS® has been the ultimate automation system for the food industry for years. With many sector-specific functionalities and the extremely flexible software structure, FOBIS® offers a standard solutions for every organisation. FOBIS® integrates the production processes and administrative processes into one system. This means you always have real-time insight into both progress and the execution of your business processes.

Batch logging
FOBIS® supports all desired level of tracing. This could be tracing at animal, batch and day levels. The setup of the batch structure simplifies an infallible batch administration, including the required tracing. One graphic screen displays real-time insight into the entire tracing chain.

Process logging
Food companies have to have one conclusive batch administration as well as correct process logs. The great thing about FOBIS® is that the systems all fit together seamlessly. Link the process values of your critical processes to the batch information from FOBIS®: you can immediately see what has been produced, the circumstances in which the products were produced, how and where they are stored.

Modular setup
FOBIS® has a modular structure. There is always a solution that suits you.

  • FOBIS® – ERP
  • FOBIS® – MES
  • FOBIS® – Line management
  • FOBIS® – WMS
  • FOBIS® – Slaughter
  • FOBIS® – Sorting
  • FOBIS® – Cutting hall

The unique Cockpit provides real-time insight into the KPIs that are important to you. You are always in control of your production process and it enables you to adjust immediately where necessary.

Advantages of FOBIS®

  • FOBIS® provides the information required to keep your organisation optimised day after day
  • Increased and more stable product and process quality through simple control management, safeguarding and improved insights
  • FOBIS® is a comprehensive solution for the entire order and delivery cycle, including all production processes. This integration creates better harmonisation of purchasing, sales, planning, production and distribution.
  • FOBIS® is standard software, with a modular setup, and the hardware is completely vendor-independent. It allows you to optimise your automation without large (re)investment in your current production environment.
  • FOBIS® prepares you for the SMART Industry 4.0

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