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RBK Group has been active in the food industry since ots establishment in 1979. From the very beginning, we always strived to offer excellent support with achieving optimised results for product quality, efficiency and energy consumption. Our priority has always been to look at issues from the sector from as broad a viewpoint as possible.

Initially, we were mainly active in the fish industry. Numerous projects in the meat sector followed. Especially the latter ensured the explosive growth of the RBK Group. We found out that the knowledge gained in the fish and meat sectors was also very applicable in other food sectors. Expansion into diverse food sectors by way of projects gave us an entry into many prominent companies. Due to the growing demand for pre-processed end products, RBK Group also developed into a specialist for companies that pre-package consumer units.

RBK Group timeline:

  • 1979 – Establishment of RBK by namesake Hans Kortenbach †
  • 1979 – Start of “Integrated approach" for food companies
  • 1982 – Start of the development of FORBIS® 1.0
  • 1989 – Acquisition of AS400 ERP software vendor
  • 1989 – Focus on refrigeration control with FOPRO®
  • 1992 – Rollout of FOBIS® 2.0
  • 1997 – Establishment of RBK Building management (currently RBK Food Projects)
  • 1999 – Move to joint premises at the Parkweg in Deventer and the realisation of RBK Group
  • 2002 – FOBIS® 3.0 development
  • 2007 – Move to current location at the Keulenstraat 18 in Deventer
  • 2009 – rollout of FOBIS® 4.0
  • 2014 – conversion of AS400 to FOBIS® ERP
  • 2016 – Acquisition by current management team
  • 2017 – Development of FOPRO®  visualisation tool
  • 2017 – Start of the newest generation of FORBIS® ERP
  • 2018 – Establishment of the German branch RBK Automation GmbH

Nowadays, the RBK Group is known as a proactive expertise and innovation centre for the food sector; an international authority on ddesign, construction and automation of food companies. Our roots lie in the Netherlands, but for years we have also been active in Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Kuwait and Turkey, to name but a few.

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