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Waste water

Waste water is important for many food businesses because:

  • There are discharge conditions to comply with (for example the restrictions on discharging fats).
  • Discharging waste water can be very expensive. Medium-sized companies can be taxed up to €500,000 if they do not (pre-)treat themselves. It means in-house treatment becomes an attractive option from a financial standpoint.

RBK has 25 years of experience in designing and optimising treatment plants and systems. In order to quickly fathom the workings of a treatment system, RBK has its own sampling and analysis equipment. As well as end-of-pipe technology consultancy, we can also advise on how to reduce pollution at source, such as in production processes. Prevention of waste water pollution is usually cheaper than treating waste water. We can assist you with procuring a treatment installation (which type/price is justified) and offer help for obtaining the required permits or a measurement order. Finally, we are also regularly asked by companies to advise on the resolution of enforcement, such as imposed fines.

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