Some food industry processes emit odours which could
potentially be a nuisance to the surroundings. In food prep lines or external storage of offal/slaughter waste this means that measures should be taken, especially if residential properties are located nearby. Years of experience means RBK is, more than anyone, aware of the potential sources of nuisance and the possible solutions. For new construction projects, we estimate the odour emission during the design phase and we calculate the impact of odour on houses nearby using dispersion calculations. It goes without saying the above is also verified for compliance with relevant legislation. Associated reports are part of the application for an environmental permit or the environmental notification.
As well as odour calculations, we also carry out odour samples whereby bags are filled with air from a prep line extraction channel, for example. We then measure the odour concentration of these odour samples, and make a quantitative assessment of the extent of (un)pleasantness of the odour. We use odour concentrations and flowrates to calculate the odour loads leaving the company. Based on this, we calculate the distribution of odour in the company’s surroundings, so that we can make a fairly accurate prediction of whether a nuisance will occur or not. RBK is the best at making proposals on compliance with ‘state of the art’ technology. We will propose to authorities which measures can be reasonably expected and which ones can’t.

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